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The JCSP Demonstration Library Project is inviting applications for the position of JCSP School Librarian. The employer for this positions is the City of Dublin ETB and the position will be based at: Terence MacSwiney Community College, Hollyhill, Knocknaheeney, Cork Full-time Temporary Position. Commencing November 2023 Requirements and Job Description This post is open to individuals who hold a Primary Degree in Library and Information Science, or an equivalent qualification (to degree or postgraduate level) that is recognised by the Library Association of Ireland. The school librarians work as part of a network of librarians in the Project. They are…

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EIRSAT-1 Space Poetry

Sharing the same sky, you and I, wherever feet are anchored. In a little while, a surprisingly small box of electronics and sensors will be jettisoned from a rocket and launched into orbit.  It is Ireland’s first satellite:  EIRSAT-1.  On one end of that CubeSat, there is a base plate with what appears to be an image of an octopus or a flower; in fact, this shape is a poem, with each tentacle made up of words created by a group of second-level students from diverse backgrounds all over the country, with the help of JCSP Librarians, UCD academics, and…

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Book Launch for 200 Years of Jamebo

Our school is older than the famine, older than the National Museum, older than the Zoo.  We are 200 years old, and our students have made a book to celebrate our school’s history.  The 2nd years worked with the JCSP librarian and their English teacher on a Make a Book project, which was part of their English Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) for their Junior Cycle.  To that end, every student in the class contributed to different aspects of the project, for example creating a comic-strip of the life of Edmund Rice, interviewing relatives about their school days, interviewing past pupils and…

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Sora Supports for Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning difference that can cause difficulties with learning and work. It affects approximately 1 in 10 people in Ireland. It occurs on a spectrum with some people mildly affected and others more severely. ‘Everyone with dyslexia is different but there is a commonality of difficulties with reading, spelling, and writing and related cognitive/processing difficulties. Dyslexia is not a general difficulty with learning, it impacts specific skill areas. With the right understanding, accommodations, and support people with dyslexia can achieve success in education, the workplace and in wider society!’  https://dyslexia.ie/ Literacy can mean different things to different people –…

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We Are Hiring!

School Librarians x 2 The JCSP Demonstration Library Project is inviting applications for the positions of JCSP School Librarian. The employer for these positions is the City of Dublin ETB and the positions will be based at: Larkin Community College, Dublin 1  Enniscorthy Community College, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. These are temporary, full-time positions (work-share / career break cover). Initial contracts will be for 1 year. Requirements and Job Description These posts are open to individuals who hold a Primary Degree in Library and Information Science, or an equivalent qualification (to degree or postgraduate level) that is recognised by the Library…

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Supports for Ukrainian Students

JCSP Librarians have worked to gather lists of appropriate resources for supporting Ukrainian students. These resources reflect the need for materials to support their initial entry into the Irish education system, as well as providing on going support. These include academic and educational, cultural and wellbeing resources, and there are a wide variety of items that can support students, families and educators. The resources page will be maintained and updated by JCSP Librarians as new resources are developed and identified.

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The ‘Every Child Gets a Book’ Initiative

Doreen Lundon Each December in Mount Seskin Community College it is tradition for books to be given as gifts from students to their younger siblings at home. The books are ordered by the Librarian in early November, Christmas paper and tags are bought, Sellotape stocked up on, and the library is set up for all students with younger siblings to come in and choose books, have them wrapped up in Christmas paper and add a gift tag that they wrote. Not all students in our school community celebrate Christmas, so there is the option of non-Christmas wrapping paper so that…

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Margaret Aylward Community College The BoB Project is a family literacy programme in collaboration with the HSCL of the school, to develop a home environment conducive to reading for pleasure. Books and other reading materials are provided to families who may benefit from a focused literacy approach. Reading and child development, the benefits of reading for pleasure, advice on ways to assist their children in reading and similar supports are given throughout the year. It encompasses home, JCSP library, public library and the community. This project began soon after I arrived at Margaret Aylward CC with then HSCL Aideen Nangle’s…

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‘Right, Sarah, have another one going for me, in case I finish this (Colm Keegan) one’.

TY student who has grown to love poetry since Rupi Kaur free verse…! (Margaret Aylward C.C.)

“My daughter is always talking about the library and the things she does there.”

The mother of a 2nd year JCSP student. (Coláiste Eoin)