‘Read Your Mind’ launches in all JCSP Libraries

by: Kathleen Moran

The JCSP Demonstration Library Project, in collaboration with Jigsaw, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, has launched the ‘Read Your Mind’, Book Project in all JCSP school libraries across the country.

Self-help books are now recognised as a vital source of support for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Read Your Mind is an initiative which brings together an invaluable collection of 113 books on a range of mental health related topics. All titles in the collection have been evaluated and are recommended by Jigsaw clinicians. Topics covered include anger, anxiety, autism, bullying, creativity, low mood, mindfulness, parenting and families, social media, and much more.

The JCSP Demonstration Library Project has committed to making the full collection available in all 30 JCSP Library Project schools across the country. Access to the collection will be open to the whole school community – young people, their parents and teachers – in all JCSP school libraries In addition, all participating schools have developed links and contacts with Jigsaw through which they will be able to provide additional mental health supports to their student body.The collection is also being made available in eBook format via the JCSP Library Project Digital Library. Membership of this Digital Library is free for students and staff in all JCSP/DEIS second-level schools in Ireland (250+ schools)

Mayor of Fingal Cllr. Eugene O’Brien and student Carly Dempsey cut the ribbon at the ‘Read Your Mind’ launch in Riversdale C.C.

The national launch of the project took place during World Mental Health Week in the JCSP Library in Riversdale Community College, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Speaking at the launch Joseph Duffy, the CEO of Jigsaw said ‘We know that one in five young people will experience mental health difficulties before the age of 25…Read Your Mind is yet another way through which Jigsaw, in collaboration with The JCSP Demonstration Library Project, are enabling our local communities to support young people and their mental health.’

‘We know that one in five young people will experience mental health difficulties before the age of 25

Joseph Duffy, CEO Jigsaw
Paddy Lavelle (CE, DDLETB), Bernie McLaughlin (Principal, Riversdale C.C.), Mona Metcalfe (Team Leader, PDST/JCSP), Paul Crone (Director of Schools, CDETB), Joseph Duffy (CEO, Jigsaw), Cllr. Eoghan O’Brien (Mayor of Fingal), David Kavanagh (Service Manager, Jigsaw D15), Kathleen Moran (Senior Librarian, JCSP Library Project), Adrian Flynn (Director of Schools, DDLETB), Aidan Clifford (former Director CDETB Curriculum Development Unit)

Kathleen Moran, Senior Librarian with the JCSP Demonstration Library Project, stated: ‘We are really excited about this project as it is the first time that a bibliotherapy collection to support youth mental health has been launched in Irish schools…Our team of JCSP librarians is also currently developing a companion collection of fiction titles that touch on the themes covered in Jigsaw’s Read Your Mind collection. So our students will not only have access to information books – but also story books in which they can perhaps identify with some of the issues and challenges that the characters are facing.’

We are really excited about this project as it is the first time that a bibliotherapy collection to support youth mental health has been launched in Irish schools

Kathleen Moran, Senior Librarian JCSP Library Project

MC for the launch event was 6th Year student and Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel member Ikihmat Bahdmus, who very ably coordinated proceedings. Other speakers included Adrian Flynn (Director of Schools, DDLETB) and Marie-Therése Carmody (JCSP Librarian, Riversdale C.C.)

David Kavanagh (Jigsaw, D15), Kathleen Moran (JCSP Library Project), Marie-Therése Carmody (Librarian, Riversdale C.C.) Ikihmat Bahdmus (6th Year student, Riversdale C.C.), Neasa McHale (Librarian, Riversdale C.C.)

It is hoped that the Read Your Mind Project will engage young people in learning new ways to support their own mental health and, in doing so, foster a sense of autonomy, independence and self-mastery. To find out more about Read Your Mind or to search for other mental health information for young people, their parents and guardians, and those who work with young people go to Jigsawonline.ie.


Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland. Their mission is to advance the mental health of young people in Ireland (aged 12-25) by influencing change, strengthening communities and delivering services through evidence-informed early intervention and prevention approach.

Jigsaw Services give young people a place they can visit for free and confidential support from trained mental health professionals. They are a safe and welcoming place, where young people can go for the support they need to develop good mental health. Jigsaw work closely with communities, providing training and workshops that help build confidence and understanding to support young people with their mental health.


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Kathleen Moran, Senior Librarian JCSP Demonstration Library Project.