Digital Library

We are excited to announce that we have launched an Online Library – a collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks that our students and staff can access anytime, anywhere.

Membership of our JCSP Library Project Digital Library is free for students and staff in all JCSP/DEIS schools.

Our Digital Library is a centrally managed online eBook and eAudiobook lending library.  The collection consists of a wide range of teenage and young adult titles to suit all year groups, interests and ability levels.  In addition, the library hosts a collection of titles to support teacher CPD.  The collection currently consists of over 7,500 unique titles, with multiple copies and/or class sets of many of these, bringing the overall total to over 13,500 items. New titles are being added on an ongoing basis.  Members can access and download books from the library anytime, anywhere – to a PC, an eReader or a Smart device. 

The rolling out of free membership of our Digital Library to all JCSP/DEIS schools in the country (250+ schools / 130,000+ students / 10,000+ staff members) is ongoing.  To date, over 90,000 individual students and 9,000 staff from over 200 schools have been set up with library membership. Borrowing levels are increasing year on year with over 31,000 items borrowed from the library in 2019-2020 – a 33% increase on the previous year.. 

How to access the collection

To register: enter your school details here and a full set of student and staff logins will be sent to your school

Members can access our Digital Library using the Sora app or at

Introduction to Sora. Explore the functions of Sora and learn how to get started or find an answer to your questions.

Or you can follow along while watching this short video