JCSP Libraries 2km Photography Challenge and JCSP Libraries Home Photography Challenge

This May an exciting new photography initiative has just been launched by The JCSP Libraries project. This initiative is designed to promote visual literacy and creative thinking. There are two different versions of this challenge: The JCSP Libraries 2km Photography Challenge and The JCSP Libraries Home Photography Challenge.

The JCSP Libraries 2km Photography Challenge

A photography prompt list has been created for the challenge. Daily prompts invite  students to take photographs of people, places and things all within two kilometres of their homes. The prompts focus on different visual features including texture, pattern, colour and shape. There are two ways for students to get invovled in this challenge. Students can participate by responding to the daily prompts and forwarding their entries to their librarians or by using the app Actionbound, to complete a photo treasure hunt.

The JCSP Libraries Home Photography Challenge

This is a mini version of the challenge for students who are currently quarantined in their own homes. It can be completed without leaving home, and focuses on ten prompts.

Photographer in Residence: CJ Nash

Professional photographer, CJ Nash, who works with Irish Country Magazine and The Irish Farmer’s Journal, will be our Photographer in Residence for this initiative. She will offer tips and tricks over the month of May, which will be shared on Twitter.


Each JCSP Library will offer students a selection of marvellous prizes. Overall winners will be invited to attend a Photography Masterclass in Warrenmount, Dublin. Entries will be shared on Twitter @jcsplibraries and Instagram @jcsplibraries